in which Brisbane filmmaker ANDREW LEAVOLD discovers talking to himself about his new fillum project is the best therapy
So you’re making a documentary about Fred?
You bet! It’s been in the works for several years now, and hopefully shouldn’t take TOO much longer to see the light of day.
What’s it called?
PUB: THE MOVIE. For several reasons. It’s a celebration of Australia’s disappearing Pub Culture as much as it celebrates Fred, his life and work, and the changing St Kilda he personifies. Plus there’s the Pub strip connection. Oh, and “Pub” by the Cosmic Psychos.
Why is it taking so long to finish?
One word: MONEY. After years of compiling materials and thinking about its structure, we started proper filming in mid-2016 just as I Spit On Your Gravy reformed for Robbie Rocket’s ten year passing. Since then we’ve amassed an incredible treasure trove of fly-on-the-wall footage, gigs, Fred happenings, old videos, photos, articles, you name it. We’ve done as much as you can without a budget. Now that the interviews require a paid crew, and post-production costs a small fortune, we need to go on the money trail. That means going cap-in-hand to investors and funding bodies. So if there’s anyone reading who fancies themselves as a producer, message me. I’ll even do a little dance for you in a sailor’s outfit…
Why a movie about
Fred? Because it NEEDS to be made! For me, no-one could be a more perfect focal point for a documentary about the evolving face of St Kilda via its unofficial Sheriff, about punk kids growing old disgracefully, about dedicating oneself to their art to the point where their life and their work are indistinguishable… Jesus that’s a great $2 word, I might have to use it in the fillum.
Why you? Why a Queenslander and not a Melbourne filmmaker?
That’s a legitimate question. I’ve been listening to Fred’s bands for more than thirty years, collecting his strips and flyers, touring him to Brisbane, playing in bands with him, drinking with him, appearing in countless Pub strips, even shooting him for my first feature film LESBO-A-GO-GO back in 2003 (Fred makes an appearance as a grotesque Vision of Hell!). I know Fred and his world, and I think I can tell his story more effectively than most. Fingers crossed I’ll do a good job of it.
And this is the official shooting blog?
Absolutely. Let’s keep the conversation going. As I shoot it, you’ll hear about it right here. And you’ll see it take shape in real time.
Fancy a beer?
Cheers, don’t mind if I do. My shout next time?
Andrew Leavold
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  1. Any news about the film – I run the Aust Film Festival in London & would like to have a gander.

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