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  1. Oh Fredly! What a beautiful blog post. It was a super special time, creatively rich ‘n fertile and lots of fun and we produced a bloody great book. I’ve also been re-reading it after a pretty long time and I still have lots of laugh-out-loud moments and wonder how on earth we came up with some of that brilliant stuff. I adore your artwork, good ole Late for Dinner and many many other strips and characters, and I’m proud as punch to be part of it. Mwah!

  2. Hey Freddy, didn’t get to say goodbye after the gig, loved seeing, dancing & singing with ya. See you in Melbourne soon. 😜🤪🎅🏿

  3. youve got a good memory, fred! great post.. great site.. lots to see here.. champ!

    1. thanks mate , its been about 8 months work so far for fred the randsta and myself ,we are all pretty happy with how its going , lots more to do still ,glad you like it

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