PapaLord God – The Sheik of Downfall Creek LP review

Instrumental music can be hit or miss for me. Mostly miss. But the first solo LP by Brisbanes PapaLord God (aka Greg Hilleard) is in the hit category for me. It aint the usual guitar drums and bass jam wank fest. Armed with an acoustic and electric guitar, as well as an organ and banjo, this guy, over nine tracks, decides with each new number hes gonna reinvent the wheel with his own unique style and sound. Then on the next track he/ll throw it away and start from starch a completely new idea. Im not a musician (im barely a writer) so sorry in advance if the descriptions of the songs is way off.

A Sunday Night and Saturday Morning opens with a church organ and a noise that comes on when the TV stations used to close shop at midnight. Kinda seems like its going that direction the whole song then a blues jam completely changes song direction. A Bull to the Horns starts where the last song picked off. It has the feel of a one take track with the ideas floating right there in the studio. I get the vibe while playing one track Greg immediately swaps instruments mid note. I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground opens with a beautiful banjo jam, the kind of banjo playing that screams lets dance in the corn field, than the guitar takes the focus with banjo in the background than the two instatements fight for supremacy. Banjo for me wins on points after twelve rounds as the song has a nice fade down effect. Eddie Van Halen Ptll features a cracking riff that the man himself is probably fuming right now over the fact he don/t own it. Not in Pubs (Anyway) is not what I would classify under pub rock, cool calm classic guitar for five minutes. It plays really well after the cock rock guitar we heard in the previous track. Please Sell $10,000 Worth of Stock info We Have Decided to Live a Mad and Extravagant Life is the soundtrack to a Mad and Extravagant life, not sure if its $10,000 worth of stock madness but pretty close. Sweet Sister should be on one of those easy listening compilations. Has that vibe of all is fine with the world, with an electric guitar. This Skin has a Packman noise to open with which I pop to when I hear, as they say in professional wrestling. Again has a nice loose acoustic guitar feel as if its just jamming in the studio, even though that/s probably not the case.  Closing track is titled Port Wine Blues (for John Henry). Im not a wine drinker and I ave no idea who John Henry is but im sure neither John nor any port wine brand would ave a problem with his song naming the man or the item.

As mentioned instrumental music is mostly a miss for me, after two or three tracks it usually drags on and not many originals ideas are shown after ten minutes. Over nine tracks Greg Hilleard has created a completely original, genre bending record which will keep the listening guess what the fucks he gonna do next. For those that say its all been done, ave a listen to this.

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