Munsters Best of 2018 List

Best team: Collingwood

Best fags: Rothmans, Choice, Pall Mall

Best Beer: VB, Melbourne, Young Henrys

Best barmen: Mad Rad, Lachlan, George (Balaclava) Jules, Sean, Mel (Misery Guts), Mark, Karine (Surabaya Johnnys), Tristan (Dogs), Wade (Lyrebird)

Best Landlord: Gavan and Sonia (Dogs) Suzi (Espy) Leon (Lyrebird), Linda (Balaclava)

Best Pubs: Balaclava, Misery Guts, Dogs, Lyrebird, Surabaya Johnnys, Kent Street, Old Bar, Tote

Best Albums: Penny Ikenger-Tokyo. Jack Howard-Lightheavyweight. NQR-The Garden. Grindhouse- Can I build Your Commodore. Beat Taboo-Beat Taboo. Dumb – Seeing Green, Blue Orchids- Righteous Harmony Fist. Papa Lord God- The Sheik of Downfall Creek

Best gigs: Brian Hooper Benefit (POW) Grindhouse LP launch (Tote), Off the Hip Instore with Dino Bravo, River of Snakes, Bloody Rascals and NQR, Stiff Richards (Misery Guts), Off the Hip Instore with Mannequin Death Squad, Bits of Hell and the Hybernators. Hybernators and the Interceptors (Lyrebird), Senior No (Vineyard). Jack Howards Epic Brass (Memo), Kim Volkman and the Whisky Presets (Vineyard), Kid Congo Powers and Dave Graney (Caravan), Wreckless Eric (Northcote Social Club) Large Number 12s (Lyrebird, Dogs)

Best Record shop: Off the Hip, Strange World, Greville St, Poison City, Heartland, Polyester, Music Jungle

Best Team: Collingwood (GO PIES sorry had to say it twice)

Best Commentators: Joe Rogan, Matt Gremlin

Best CEO: Pete

Best Gate: Penogate, REMgate, toothpickgate

Best photographer: Charlie Barker, Campbell Manderson, Zoe Damage, Carbie, Fred Negro

Best Radio Show: On the Blower, Sunglasses After Dark, Junkyard.

Best TV Show: Hard Quiz, Mad as Hell.

Best Film: Can you Ever Forgive me? Death of Stalin

Best website:

Musnters Person of the Year: Nathan Buckley

Munsters Life time achievement award (this is awarded to someone who has annoyed me and others): To the neighbors who wanted to put in a buzzer for me to beep when I go outside and smoke so they can shut the window, despite the fact that the area i smoke in is at least 15 meters from there window, and they live a whole level above me and also for stealing my ciggie bin. For Shame.

And to Tanya George, one of the many terrible buskers on Bourke Street, who cried and moaned after a group of protesters staged a protest regarding Aboriginal Deaths in custody. She had the nerve to make a video saying im all for this but not when it ruins my tips. See kids, Aboriginal people are still getting a raw deal but god forbid we interrupt the busker. Priorities people.

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