SHIFTING SANDS – ‘CRYSTAL CUTS’ Review (Spooky Records)

Some of the most beautiful and painful songs laid down on disc and wax, Shifting Sands new LP Crystal Cuts may not always ave the happiest of endings, but I doubt there won/t be a listener who can/t relate to a song or two. There aint no picking up the princess and riding off into the sunset, instead of happily ever after, its more everything will be ok. It may not be roses and sunshine but it/s real. What makes the songs even more incredible is the Jekyll and Hyde singing combo between Geoff Corbett and Isabella Mellor. Geoff has a rough as guts vocal style, while Isabella has one of the most stunning voices ive ever heard. It/s a weird mixture these two together but in the context of the songs they fit like a glove.

Hibiscus is a lovely Spencer P Jones style number with beautiful backing harmonies, I could fall on the floor and smoke a joint to this and forget about all my worries while listening to the story of short term love affair

Disaster Response sees the electric guitar pulled for the first time, what happens beyond the morning after and will all be ok. A bittersweet duet that expresses no regrets.

Smoking Again has Isabella sings the Benefits and joys (if you call it that) of lighting up one. I love smoking culture and this is a new track for me when I light up a dart.

Silver Medication talks of better times, such an incredible performance from Geoff he doesnt choke up and cry but you can tell he means and feels every words he spits out making it more stunning.

Would Have Killed Each Other is about past love and why things are better left in the past.

Love Song Dedication gives me awful memories of that awful radio show (is that still on?) the tale of music trying to make everything good between two lovers even when it/s no good

The Intensity tells us how nothing can top the first encounter, and sometimes the chase is better than the catch

Tree has beautiful harmonies from Isabella which has a real gospel vibe to end proceedings, her voice gives me Goosebumps, such an amazing performance.

Ten tales of love lust and heartbreak, as mentioned the vocal performances of Isabella and Geoff is what gives this LP that extra drive. If either one recorded all ten tracks it would ave been great but the fact they mix and match makes it even better, either working together or solo or one contributing backing vocals it/s a wonderful performance from both. As said theres at least one or two tracks most can relate to, some songs sad, some songs happy, all appear real.

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