Bye Week Rant

Good evening everybody welcome to our bye week rant here on Munsters Footy Rant. It/s been an interesting season so far, the Pies are in ok form but we need to crank it to 11 for the home stretch if we are to be serious contenders. While it/s pretty open the Cats are the team everyone is chasing and while the Pies are two games behind the Cats they are well ahead of the rest of the comp right now. The Pies need a steady team line up by mid July and need to play a decent four quarter game, not a solid three quarter game.

I had a wonderful day at the VFL on Sunday. Massive thanks to me mate James and to Jen for inviting me to the Port Melbourne Presidents lunch. Had a blast, sat with James and his crew, I felt like I was at home at the Bala with my Pies quorum. Just a great bunch of people all of different backgrounds come together for their beloved Boroughs. I also love the fact these people are pure Port and few actually support the AFL. One bloke at my table was appalled that a friend of his was aving his wedding on Darby Day. I told him my uncle was aving his on grand final day. He was so disgusted he could ave spat on the ground. When I told him it was AFL not VFL he said ah thats no big deal. When I told the table that im a pies man they nodded like oh that nice, as if the AFL is not on their radar, except for Dole Cheque who we snatched up from Port. Before the game out came the I hate Williamstown badges, but one bloke refused to wear it due to the fact it has Williamstown colours on it. Today was the Frank Johnson cup, and a beautiful tribute to one of the clubs great servants and one of the VFAs finest. As a footy nerd I was in my element here. During the quarter and three quarter time address I stood next to the great man, 1990 Collingwood ruck coach Crackers Keenan, and when Gary Ayres walked along there was hush and respect for the great man. There was words said about opposition players, umpires and also fellow punters. James had his own version of the cha cha cha which was banging the wheelie bin lid. We also made the telly when an obvious in the back was not paid to Port and we were carrying on. No one got kicked out, no behaviour officers telling us to keep it down, and $6 cans of beer. We just had a great day at the football and reminded me when I went to the games with my dad in the 90s, ie when it used to be fun.

Speaking of fan behaviour, I guess I better be careful what I say in case Chairman Gil is reading. With the way fans ave been treated I wouldn/t be surprised if I was pulled up before I even entered the ground. Look, im all for stamping out dickhead behaviour, im against violence and abuse which I think 99% of punters are against, but people being kicked out for cheering too loud? For fuck sake what has this game become? Well not the game but the administration? The general football public are embarrassed to ave this Muppet Gil in charge of the game and he is embarrassed to be associated with this fine sport. Hes nothing but a social climber who had to settle on a gig running a sport he clearly couldn/t give to fucks about, and dragging his talentless brother with him. Im also not opposed to more security, but when you got people whose job it is to tell fans to shut the fuck up, all you/re doing is antagonizing the core fanbase that basically keeps the game going..

And Gil you happy with that China experiment? Hey if you can get 1% of the Chinese population id say go for it, but you didn/t even get a fraction of that. And the poor Saints had to deal with a trip to China and Townsville within two rounds. Im all for branching out, but poor Tassie is screaming for a team, give them the ball. Or Darwin. Forget all these places where the game aint gonna draw a dime (Vale Mike Graham) and go to places with football history. But that aint gonna happen because the AFL don/t care bout history one bit. So Gil, as Jim Cornette would say thank you fuck you bye

Can someone tell me whose idea it was for Roaming Brian and ave they been shot in the foot yet? This man is an annoying gasbag who says the most 101 comments and screams as though it makes his comments ok, so who had the bright idea that we need to see more of this man? Ive heard of teams that tanked for priority picks but I could understand teams tanking so they don/t ave to deal with this flog. Imagine putting your body on the line for two hours and your reward is probing questions from BT? See kids work hard at Auskick and you too can be hassled by this fool.

Two coaches ave been sacked. I think it was the right time to move Scott on from north. Hed been there for a decade and was time for a new approach. Gotta say ive always thought him a grump and at times didn/t present himself all that well in the media, but he handled his departure with pure class. And some people didn/t like him appearing on 360 with a North shirt but he said he was donning it as a supporter. Ive a new found appreciation for him. And also giving that smut tit David King a clip. Bolton has also shipped off from the baggers. I called him a genus after the half way point of his first season when they were in the 8. They had a bad record but what did he ave to work with really? Not saying he deserved to stay but he certainly is not the major problem there. For me Carlton needs whole clear out. I know baggers fans don/t want another 10 year plan but there is so much dead wood from an administration side they need to cut ties. Also old dogs like SOS need to go. They need outside people. And good onya to Malthouse for giving his old club a clip during the hall of fame proceedings. Nothing but a bitter old man. And can we stop with this whole thing about him being a master coach. He won two flags at a new club where they were given a top list from the start and won a  flag with us after ten years. I give him credit for those back to back grand final appearances in 2002 and 03 when it was a very thin list, but how fucking long did it take him to realise we were missing a key ruckman? When he got Jolly we went fucking bang straightaway but he was even against getting Jols. And he killed poor Josh Frasers career playing him in the ruck when he was a forward all along. Is Malthouse a legend? Of course but he aint no master coach, just that cranky uncle no one wants to sit next to as Xmess time

Pinching is back! Reading in the sun G Ablett Srs comments on Craig Kelly during that pinching period of his career, with Ablett saying he had no respect for Kelly. While pinching is a pissy way of getting into someones head, coming from a bloke who was a thug thats a complement. Ablett may be one of the all time greats but I ave no respect for him as a man. Hey Gary, last time I checked belting blokes and leaving em in the hospital aint very Christian, you hypocritical arsehole.

Alright thats enough venom for one week. Next Monday back to business with my rant on the Dogs game.

Thanks for reading.


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