Plastic Section- Trouble is our Business LP Review.

I first saw Plastic Section at the Gem last year. A killer three piece that was John Spencer meets 50s rockabilly. Singer/guitarist Ben Edwards had a voice and guitar style that was straight out of Sun Studios. Ben kindly gave me their latest release Frenzy in the City of Hell. It was an incredible release, 12 tracks just over 30 minutes long. It sounded old but sounded fresh, while it had a 50s vibe there weren/t trying to rip anyone off. 2019 sees the release of their new LP Trouble is my Business released off the mighty Off the Hip label. 10 songs under 30 minutes, the way all LPs should be. Playing bass on the recording is the hardest working man in Melbourne Pip McMullan.

Mean Things: Country meets rockabilly riff nothing mean sounding bout this.

Trouble is my Business: Title track could be used in a 50s mafia movie, or could be blasting outta jukebox in a bikie flick before shit hits the fan and a fight breaks out. Nice howling screaming from Ben.

Wildfire: had a smile on my face when I saw this track as it reminded me of Wildfire Tommy Rich, one of the greatest underdog Babyfaces in wrestling. This track slows things down a bit, the kind of song you play when your mates are walking down the street on a Saturday night when you/ve got your best clothes on and you feel like no one can fuck with you.

Hot Hot Hot: Ace drum solo starts things off, love the way the riff slides off the rails towards the end.

Blue City Stroll: Wonderful instrumental track, easing riff with a mean bass line with a surf rock riff thrown in the mix. Simple but not showy.

Yeah Yeah: the longest track at 2:45. Gonna be trouble gonna be fun is a killer line.

Graveyard Shit: My favorite track off the LP, I even played it on the Graveyard Shift recently on RRR. Amazing rock n roll track.  

Big Sandy: Another instrumental track that has showdown kind of feel to it.

Frenzy: I think there/s a line in this song that says three days in a whisky pit which I like if that indeed is the line.

Shot: shows how to end things in the most brutal fashion.

Ten killer tracks on this CD, fans of John Spencer and the Back from the Grave comps need to check this out. Brilliant rock n roll that gives nods to the past while not living in it. One of the best LPs of 2019 for me.

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