Week after regular season/week before finals rant

Good evening all welcome to Munster Bye week finals rant. The rant that has more piss sunk covering the games then Mark Robinson does after the footy and more look at me look at me im an attention seeking wanker traits then Kane Cornes.

Sorry for no rant on the Bombers game. I was tied up with commitments writing for The Age. Yes im a prostitute and go with whoever pays me that given week.

Its/ been a week since the Bombers game so feels wrong to do a full rant on a game thats a week old, and fuck what a week to miss a rant. The pies won there was a fainting the ambos came, the copes were called. Twice. Me and Pete talking basketball. Riveting stuff.

So instead im just going to do a general angry young man rant on whatever comes to my mind of this season with me sitting at the computer

This Friday will mark the 300th game of Matrix, or Scott Pendlebury as his mother calls him. In my life time, Bucks, Swan, Matrix, and Rocca (Sav that is) are the best ive seen put on the black and white jumper, for me Matrix is the best. Ive never heard anyone say he had a bad game or that hes been quiet for long periods of time. Hes a bloke that give everything he has when he runs on the pitch, when he retires hes gonna leave nothing in the tank. A true leader, respected by players of all teams, a courageous player and someone very worthy of the captains title. He is a true inspiration and a bloke all others should look up too. Onya Matrix give the cats hell on Friday and looking forward to game 400. Oh and congratulations on being made All Australian captain. Hey Mike Sheahan remember when you said he was no longer a A Grade player? Think its time they renamed that media centre at AFL House named after Mike. HG Neilson House would be a better fit as hes one of the few callers I listen and makes sense.

Whoever told Gil he should use the phrase Our Game should buy a round of beers for every footy fan out there for the suffering we ave to endure everytime he says that. Our Game is not a bad phrase, but they gave it to the wrong man. As I mentioned in a previous rant footy fans are embarrassed this upper class twit is running the game and hes embarrassed to be running it. Hes the kind of guy that landed the first high paying role he could land and get his stoopid brother a job as well. Im not saying you need a footyhead to run the league but this twat would never last a day at Windy Hill, Vic Park or the animal enclosure at Moorabbin,  he/d be the knob that calls security for what he thinks is abusive behaviour such as bold headed flog. Geez that poor bloke aint gonna live that down. It/s the same fella that hired Ed Sheeran, who a mate of mine described his work as music they play in public toilets so junkies don/t shoot up in em, because his daughter likes him. How many footy fans used his GF set to use as a pissbreak. Growing up footy was always a working/middle class game, a game people of all sorts would go and for three hours forget their trouble and scream and cheer, the way footy should be. But since the 2000s that’s changed and now its all about the corporate sponsors and whoever has enough zeros to make Gil listen. They couldn’t/t give a fuck bout the average club member in the stands. Case in point the Cats finish top of the ladder yet the Pies get the home game. Actually I shouldn/t complain bout that but for Gil to come out and say oh its for the fans to move the game to the G as opposed to saying it all bout the revenue shows how daft this lad is. So Gil, I don/t know which game your referring to when you say our game but count me out.

So far four coached ave come out and said they got full support of the board, ie see ya gone. I find it odd how coaches are treated in the media and the fans alike. Take Alan Richardson, honest show of hands, how many people who called him a genus after the first month where calling for his head ten weeks late?. After that long with no finals I don/t disagree with the decision even though a run of injuries didn/t help, but it seems after Luke Beveridge pulled off the fairytale flag of the Dogs in 2016 if someone can turn round a club straightaway there a genus while if they lose three in a row its off with their heads. I would ave liked to ave seen Richo stay the full year and see what he could ave done as he seemed to be liked by the players, but it wasn/t to be and the Saints ave had a solid run home under Ratten who should be the choice for coach with his past experience and what hes done in a short amount of time. It seems the days of coach swapping are through, if you get sacked from one club you/re pretty much blacklisted. Im glad Ratten will get another chance because he got a rough deal when the Baggers let him go, and gee didn/t that Malthouse idea work out great. . Then there/s Ross Lyon, yeah time for him to go, with no finals, and three years into a five year plan that looked like it was going nowhere it was an obvious decision. Mind you that/s what you get when you hire a bloke that sounds like the adults from Peanuts.

Anyone heard the Sun Podcast Sacked? The third episode was on Scott Waters. A bloke that shock up the club, had multiply people resign for how he ran the joint stuck his noise in departments where he didn/t belong, came out on radio and said everythings fine im well respected and was sacked hours later. Which producer thought yup we need to hear more from this guy? And also hear Malthouse moan bout his Carlton days? Again, how did that turn out?

Now on to the flag, my prediction. ITS ANYONES FLAG. Well anyone that made finals. That/s why Fred and Pete employ me for opinions like that.

Anyway sorry again for no rant last week and sorry for this rushed lame rant.

I/ll be back next week for the finals.


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