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I first saw Cereal Killer at the Tote in 2017. They played a killer show, one of the most jam packed intense gigs I saw in recent times and was one of those moments when I thought I need to see and hear more of this band. Two hears later the band released there first LP, the Beginning and End of Cereal Killer, the debut and finishing release. The LP has plenty of the power of the live show, combining elements of garage, punk and electro, one of the most fresh and finest releases of 2019. Singer Zane was kind enough to answer some questions via correspondence , kindly but together by Billy from Anti Fade Records.

Munster: How did Cereal Killer start?

Zane: Um, shit, I don’t fully remember but i think billy pretty much went to America in like 2015 for an Ausmuteants tour, I think he listened to nothing but Metallica for a month and saw big zit play once and got in his head that he wanted to start playing in something more heavy. He started making demos and I think I just fell into the singer roll.

Munster: I love a good play on words, who came up with the name?

Zane: Billy made up that name, of course. Im not sure if I thought it was dumb at the time but I definitely do now ha.

Munster: You all play in other bands, was Cereal Killer treated as a full time band or a side project and play whenever you are all free?

Zane: Shit I guess kinda, probably at least for a bit while it was real new, but I don’t think ive ever really taken a band seriously in the sense that id list one more important than the other.

Munster: Been reading online this is the first and last LP by the band? Is it true and what brought on the split?

Zane: Yep its true, probably more than anything just the fact that we had such a big break from playing that by the time we started playing again we were all doing different things.

Munster: Is that odd aving an LP coming out knowing the band aint going much linger?

Zane: Yeah I guess it is pretty whack.

Munster: What process went into making the Beginning and End of Cereal Killer?

Zane: Umm, we were all writing songs for a bit, and having fun and the first half came together pretty easy but while the second half was written I was in the middle of doing year 12 and we all had our own things on so it got a bit harder.

Munster: How did you become involved with Anti Fade Records?

Zane: I dunno the guy just messaged us out of the blue one day.

Munster: When I first saw you guys you had a great hardcore vibe which I love, and then I listen to the LP and its got all different things happening, there/s elements of hardcore and electro and other things happening, are you guys kinda like the Melvins, in the scenes you don/t want to be labelled into a genre and just do whatever you want?

Zane: I don’t think so, im not really a melvins fan so I couldn’t really tell you, but most of the electro stuff was dave, I guess we kinda wanted to do something a bit to an extent.

Munster: The LP has rough as cuts rock n roll but then theres the electro stuff, how do you get that on tape, do you ave one method of recording when it comes to the rock stuff and another for the other styles?

Zane: Ive got no idea, billys the mastermind behind all that.

Munster: Your Punk Scene Can Suck It, is the stand out track for me, is that a reference to any scene in particular?

Zane: Yeah its definitely directed at Melbourne.  I think I got the idea from the song on that Charles Bronson record “marriage can suck it”, I think at the time I was playing in like 3 punk/hardcore bands and just had no idea how sick of punk music I was ha.

Munster: Another track I loved is Zanes Gone Away? Zane a mate of yours?

Zane: Nah, im zane. I actually say something different there and it used to be called whatever it is I said, pretty sure someone just said it wrong one day and we started calling it that.

Munster: I saw you play in Melbourne supporting Feedtime, and you said this is the last time your playing in Melbourne, as everyone was just standing still not rocking out, which is a very Melbourne thing if you ask me. What for you are the main differences between the Geelong ad Melbourne

Zane: I said all kinds of dumb shit between songs, I didn’t mean any of it. Id generally get anxious and sweat a show a bit if everybody just mosied around, but im not really one to get in a mosh pit so I cant really say anything. Shit, as for differences I don’t know, less people, lots of jocks.

Munster: Theres a lot of hype around the LP which is great because its such a great record but also because you guys don/t play that often. How do you in this day and ager get people talking bout you when you don/t play that offen?

Zane: Im not sure, probably more of a billy question again.

Munster: Whats coming up next?

Zane: Right now I don’t really have anything coming in hot, possibly some new living eyes or vertigo, not sure.

Munster: Standard final question, whats you favourite Fall LP if you ave one?

Zane: That’s a damn good question, I recently converted from calling “live at the witch trials” to “nations saving grace” my favourite.


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  1. Great interview mate
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    1. Cheers Paul see ya soon, look out for zine in letterbox soon.

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