Endless Bore –Personal Development tape review

Coming out of Melbourne, a cracker hardcore release in Personal Development by Endless Bore. The way it should be. 15 songs in under 20 minutes. Vocals all over the shop and when in doubt shout.

As you probably can tell from that running time there are tracks that barely rack in 60 seconds, but not a second is wasted. Id like to think these guys ave the Joe Strummer mentality of people ave shit to do, so bang it out and get on with it.

All Fucked up has one of my new favorite lines in waiting for it all come down might not be today but I swear its gonna happen.

Leave me Alone as the title suggests the break  up of a relationship. A lover, a friend an associate, take your pick as it could be any or all of the above.

Worthless is when things go wrong, very wrong and how to pick up the pieces.

Can/t Escape is possibly the longest track on the tape. I think, as one of the downsides of tape is no timer. It feels like it/s gonna end but it picks up again and pushes out a few extra seconds. I like that, except the unexpected.

Interlude is a kinda half time instrumental jam with the tempo slowed down, a nice change of pace for the middle of the tape.

Neck Deep and Nothing to Show both ave so little vocals it almost like a haiku, but again while only a few words are mentioned no a syllable is wasted.

The title of the band is also the closing track. There should be more of that bands naming songs after themselves. If Bo Diddley can do it why not? It/s also the best tracking, screaming bout the mundane and boring existence and how to get in by with life.

15 killer tracks, short fast and loud with brilliant lyrics, this is indeed a perfect noise.

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