Dead- Raving Drooling (We Empty Rooms) review

Massive thanks to Jem for sending me the bandcamp code to review this.

Dead comprises of two blokes, Jem and Jase, but you wouldn/t know it. Their music is a power not to mess around with, and its amazing two fellas can make such dominant noise and put it to tape, with just drums and bass. The drummer Jem I met many years ago, and is one of the great DIY soldiers of music. He records and releases his own work via his label We Empty Rooms, which is common artists releasing their own work, but name another artists that makes their own CD/vinyl packaging, and hand draws/pants all his cover art on all these releases? It would make me mad hand drawing/painting 100 CD sleeves over and over again, but the amount of love that goes into each individual release is incredible. And the music is brilliant too. The new Dead LP comprises of seven tracks, each of varying length. They ave no agenda on how long a song goes for. Some goes for three minutes others longer than 10. It feels like they just keep going til they feel that/s enough.

Opener Remorse has this great Tribal/Ray Scabies drumming style, real frightening work on the symbols with guitar crunch, it sounds like a track from a modern day horror indie film. Digging holes has a Melvins sound, heavy and fearsome beat. The singing of just digging holes over and over is haunting. With shredding guitar effect, the vocals are clear but music is the focus, and the backing vocals are very clear but it feels like there just whispering into the mic. I like the pause towards the end, then it kicks up for another 30 seconds. Nunchukka Superfly is a beautiful tribute to the noise rock icons. Blackie and Ray would be proud of the track and shredding guitar. Nones again has so much happening with only two blokes stops, mid way through to slow things down, a tad low spooky sound, kinda feels like a track when a chase scene is happening in a horror film. The last few seconds of Repeating a Bad Decision has a low key vibe, the ending with just the vocals and no music is incredible. Follow the Breathing has a slow steady build up period of just the odd bass line keeping the tension going for minutes at a time

Amazing sound for a two piece, and with just Jase and Jem, clearly neither is short on ideas and is happy to go with any thought they ave and experiment with it. While the sound might be too heavy for some, the experimentation with all kinds of different elements should be enough to give his a go.

For those that say its all been done give this a spin.

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