Munsters waiting for footy to start again rant


Can someone please remind me why I like this game? With no football on, we/re stuck with news on whats going to happen with the footy season, if it will happen or not, and never ending remember when? Segments. Ive missed doing my regular Monday morning rants on the weekend that was, but with Victoria being in lockdown and the uncertainly in this whole situation, I just want everyone I know to come out of this safe and unscathed. Theres talk of footy coming back but until it happens I really ave little interest. Just hope we come out of this alright. Mind you while theres no football there has been plenty of poor behaviour and silly comments, so I still ave something to rant on.  They say in crisis times like this we see the best and worst of people, and theres a lot if ordinary behaviour. Mostly the selfish cunts that decided I don/t ave to self-isolate I can go to a party if I want to. And then they go on Instagram and show the pics of them living it up. Thank fuck these fools can kick a ball, otherwise there only other pay of making a wage would be if they got shot out of a cannon at the circus. Yes, not footy and yet a lot grinds my gears.

Sigh, what to make of the Dean Laidley situation, more importantly the media/s role in the coverage of this sad story. The day after the story broke it seemed like the stalking allegation was an afterthought, it was then all about Laidley being busted in womens clothing. The story changed to Laidley/s privacy being evaded as opposed to be done for an alleged crime. Mark Robinson got it right writing in the Sun, saying if you ave no problem with him wearing womens clothing, fine, if you do, move on. I don/t care what he does behind closed doors, and a man wearing a dress is hardly a crime. But he has been charged with a misconduct and he will ave his day in court, but to me it seemed like the day after the story broke, with the photos being leaked it went from reporting on a crime to making it seem like he was the victim in all this when he isn/t, it seems like the fact there was an alleged victim had been forgotten. And while I hope he can turn his life around and reform, again I feel for the person he has been accused of stalking and if he is found guilty should be punished. Mind you it was some relief seeing the response from some of Laidly/s ex colleagues, saying they wish him well but lets not forget the seriousness of the crime. They at least had the foresight not to forget what he was been accused of. Unlike Bomber Thompson, who people came out in support for, forgetting that he was charge with some pretty heavy shit. But as mentioned above, what Laidley has been accused off has been lost in the mix over the leaking of the photos of him in the cop shop. I like many thought it was bullshit and thought the photos had no right getting a public airing. It/s not as if the case against Laidley is in jeopardy because of that but it was the wrong thing to do. Good on the Age and other big media outlets for not running the photos. Meanwhile the Sun on the Tuesday ran a story on the airing of the photos and the backlash against it, while showing the photos. For fuck sake. I get it, it/s a juicy story and all but its not in the public interest. He was caught committing an alleged crime and has been charged. Thats all we need to know. I ave no problem with a report saying he was busted wearing a dress but to publish the photos is a step to far. One of the few supporters of airing the photos is Joe Hidlebrand, a Murdoch puppet who seems to ave built a career from the David Koch school (oh i/ll get to him) of being unfunny and untalented and managing to fool people into thinking he has something important to say. His defence was the photos where on social media so it/s a free for all. Ah yeah, nah. So because some dickhead has done something wrong that means it ok for media outlets, with massive readerships, and plenty of readers unaware of the photos being leaked, its ok for them to do it? Two wrongs don/t make a right Joe, stick to being an annoying twat on TV. For me there was no right for the photos of Laidley in the cop shop to see the light of day. It seems in this media landscape of clickbait a photo of a man at his lowest was a way for outlets to cash in a get the number up. Was the average man on the street better off for knowing Laidley wear womens clothes? You tell me.

As mentioned I do hope Dean Laidley can turn his life around but it looks doubtful with great mates like Ricky Nixon. Once again proving himself a shit bloke.

Kane Cornes continues to say stoopid things. Ive said it before he/s either the stoopidest or smartest man in the media. He/s smarts because he/s found a way to get people to talk about him saying things I cant believe he believes, or he/s either stoopid because he generally believes what he says. This whole thing about the Jezza mark I think proves just how little we ave to talk about and why he feels the need to be a prick for no reason just because he so desperately wants people to talk about him. I see where he/s coming from in terms of compare any of Jeremy Howes marks compared to Jezzas, but as Eddie said, look at the context of the Jezza mark. The mark had it all. It/s a great mark obviously, it was taken on the grandest stage of all, and had an iconic call from Mike Williamson. When I was in high school kids 35 years later where still saying Jesaulenko you beauty. And as Eddie pointed out, it was the moment where the game changed momentum and lead to the baggers getting up and pulling off a famous win (sigh). Also, the mark was taken in an era where screamers weren/t taken as much, these days it seems like theres one a game. Not saying thats bad but in an era when high marks weren’t that common it makes it more special. As said the Jezza call is still screamed today and the photo of the mark is often  used when talking about great marks. I think perhaps better marks ave been taken since but name one that is replayed so often and lives on in folk law? The only other one that comes to me is Leo Barry in the 2005 grand final. Sure not the greatest of marks, but what it meant and the context is why its so special. Mind you Jezza had an iconic call from Mike Williamson. Poor Leo got Leo Barry you star from Stephen Quartermain. Yeah, not the same. So yes, I don/t know if it’s the greatest of all time but certainly in the top 5. And fuck no it/s not overrated.

Mind you this whole Cornes clickbait stuff shows whats wrong with commentators these days. You get Cornes whose more interested in making headlines then saying something useful, and then all these young bland callers with no personality that give us nothing. How the hell did we go from Lou Richards Bob Davies and Captain Blood, three interesting personality/s that where entertaining and had something of importance to say, to go to Richo and Basil, who say nothing  of significance and make me want to jump head first in the shallow end of a swimming pool everytime they try and make a point. Is it too hard for people to just be honest, don/t dance around anything? just say what you think. I don/t think im asking for too much

While im still not sure whether Cornes is an idiot or a genus, David Koch once again proved he/s an idiot and an embarrassment to the game. Surely Port Adelaide supporters must be tired of this fucking clown, and thats all he is. Can someone explain why this man is on the highest rated breakfast TV show? Me dad, who I love dearly, used to ave fucking Sunrise on the telly before work. When I asked why he said it was because he wanted to know what the time was. In that case why not ave Cheese TV on? At least that was you get some cartoons and some actual entertainment, and Sunrise is a place where entrainment and sensible news coverage goes to die. Again, like Cornes, he/s is either a genus or an idiot. He/s either found a shtick that for some reason people like and runs with it, or he generally thinks he/s entertaining. Or maybe like car crash TV, it/s so shit you can/t change the telly. Mind you what else you gonna watch in the morning, that robot Karl Stefanovic (that’s for all the Get This fans), also another attention whore. The only difference between Koch and Karl is Koch didn/t expose the fact he has a drinking problem on live Television. So we get to his latest foot in mouth moment when he says Malthouse would go back to the white Australia policy if he could. Now ive disagreed with many of Malthouse/s statements but for him to accuse him of being a racists (I agree with Koch when he called him a dinosaur) all because Malthouse called him out on his ridiculous deal to ave games in China shows he has no agreement and he knows it was a ridiculous deal and the club is stuck with it. He might ave done some good things off field financially for the club but its time this no talented pinhead that should stay behind closed doors. Ive mentioned it before but he came out saying he didn/t want to be seen as an Eddie McGuire style president ie he wanted to stay behind the scenes. Well, Kochie you did a hell of a job with that didn/t ya? So until football can say thankyou fuck you buy please keep stay stoopid things, particularly on stuff you don/t know. It/s entertaining and gives me something to write about.

Sorry, I didn/t indeed for this to be so angry, actually this was meant to be a collection of random stories of me at the footy, like the time we scared a family before we went to the Community Cup and a women said her and her kids would not eat at Leroys until we left. But i/ll save that for next week and hopefully some more  uplifting stories, i.e. the ones where I din/t vomit next time

Until then stay safe and GO PIES

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