NQR debut release – ‘The Garden’ 6 track cassette

Melbournes latest supergroup/collective is NQR. I really hope the band is named after the supermarket chain, a place where I once smashed a VB Stubby in the Parkdale branch because they didn/t sell the stuff (don/t know where the stubby I was holding came from). NQR may not be right, but they certainly aint wrong.  Up front is the incredible vocals of Ruth Mclver of C**ting Daughters (editors note: im not afraid of saying cunt in my writing, the presser has the * so not sure if they ave censored themselves or the * is part of the bands name). She has a voice that sounds as strong and powerful as Linda Dacio and has Lydia Lunch writing the words, with the finest no wave guitar noise ever thrown up.

The Garden is a thumping onslaught of guitar, sounds like My Bloody Valentine with a welcome to Hell touch with its sound and lyrics. Venus De Milo starts off softer, feeling like its going to the same onslaught as before but they don/t, they keep it calm and collect a its little swerve on  NQRs part  Frightening bass starts Maritime Pome and love the use of guitar pedal here, real Rowland S Howard vibe on this track. Veronica Lake has the best guitar parts of the record, real wah wah in a dangerous manner, could easily be a track off a slasher movie soundtrack.

Titanic has a riff that I think I would want playing, following me round when the ship was sinking when me and others are running round like headless chooks. Adds to the suspense of the tragedy, does he make it or not feel when you hear this number. What colour is your parachute closes us out. While certainly not a soft track, could be a Ballard compared to the other tracks.

A strong six song opening release, not one dud song on it, and also avig moments where you think the song is going this was but it goes the other, NQRs Noise, no wave rock and Birthday Party style rock is a thumping collection of sound and noise along with an incredible vocalist, who sings instead of screaming, something different to the no wave factor which makes NQR stand out from their fellow No wavers, whatever the collective of that particular genre would be called. Fans of Witch Hats and Lubricated Goat please step forward.

NQR debut release – ‘The Garden’ 6 track cassette out now via Kasumuen Records




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