The Fuck Fucks were born in 1993 {2 weeks after The Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre called it a day}. Fred Negro had formed a country band called Shonkytonk on the night of the Brady’s last gig at the Prince of Wales and 2 weeks later he was hankering for some more full-on rockroll so he walked into the Espy Starwars Bar and shouted “Who wants to be in a band called The Fuck Fucks?” {True story !}

The bar used to be full of musos from the St kilda scene and 4 blokes all said “FUCK YEAH !”at the same time so Fred recruited them. They were: Paddy Chong {bass}, Tristian Miller {guitar}, Jeff ‘The Butcher’ Weiner {guitar} and Tony Biggs {drums}. This line-up lasted about a year when The Butcher had an operation on his heart and was out of action for a while so Fred recruited the legendary Dave Moll to fill in while Butcher recovered. This line-up remains today apart from Kaos joining the band on drums after a few years, replacing Biggsy, who left due to musical differences. Those “experts” in the music industry said to Fred that the band would only last “a couple of weeks with the name like The Fuck Fucks” but are still going strong 25 years later.

They released 2 albums: “Here..” and “Millenium Buggery” and the single  “T.I.T.S” and constantly toured Australia and did thousands of gigs. In the 90’s and the Noughties they “owned” the Espy and the Prince of Wales breaking house records whenever they played. The film-clip for “Beer Sandwich” was filmed on the rooftop of the Espy one Sunday in a feat of guerilla film-making as they had not informed the manager of the hotel fearing he would say “NO FUCKIN WAY !”

Its gone down in rock history as one of the great film-clips and a personal fave of Les Claypool from American band Primus who played it on Rage one night when he was guest programmer. The band continue to play to this day and count amongst their finest moments a massive 4 appearances at the Big Day Out. The members of Yothu Yindi count themselves as big fans and were quite often seen up the front of their gigs banging their heads on the foldback.

The Fuck Fucks are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year.

And those cunts said they’d never last